Best GST Consultant in Lucknow

GST consultant in Lucknow

Goods and services tax that has been in use since July 1st, 2017, is the single biggest indirect tax in the country. The tax has created a single market in the country for all businesses and trades. The new tax regime has removed many state and central indirect tax. All the products and services come under one of the five tax brackets from 0%, to 5%, 12%, 18% to 28%. All businesses and trades must register under the new tax regime. The businesses with 20 lac in turnover or 10lac in northeast and hilly areas must get registration.

The best GST consultant in Lucknow provides in-depth analysis of the various provisions of the new tax and its impact on the individual businesses. The services of the consultants also help business to adhere to the 3 filing per month. The clients can either understand the filing of the return or take the assistance of the experts in the filing. There are many crucial aspects of the GST filing that a client must understand. And the complete knowledge will be provided only by the top GST consultants to the specific businesses and trades.

Top GST Consultant in Lucknow

The client must understand that a business that has once filed the return must continue to file the retune, even if there is no taxable received or supplied during a period. The return then must be made as nil return. This is essential because after skipping a filing for a period, then next GST return cannot be filed. The businesses in the interstate supply system must get the consultation with the top consultant to know where the tax will be levied on the supplied goods. The clients who want to take the input tax credit must also consult the top GST consultant in Lucknow to know the various conditions that must be fulfilled before getting input tax credit. The persons operating logistic or transport business for interstate supply will get a comprehensive understanding of the coming E- waybill which ensures smooth flow of trucks from one state to another state with goods worth over 50,000 Indian rupees.

The government has been constantly monitoring the progress of the goods and service tax and has introduced several changes to make it smooth and easy for the businessman and trader to comply with the various provision of the goods and services tax. The services of the expert help businesses to understand all latest changes that impact their business. The services of the GST consultant are necessary to fulfil the obligation of filing three returns per month and 37 returns per year. The experts will also help the client to install and operate the IT backbone for smooth adherence to the GST return filing.